Light Planning

Light planning and system design.

For professional greenhouse and indoor (CEA) projects, we design lighting systems specific to your crop and space. This involves use of a Light Design Intake Form, review of project drawings, and discussion with growers and ownership related to crop production goals.

Why Utilize This Service

Specification of Light Spacing and Vertical Distance.

Consideration of mounting options.

Design provided showing expected light intensity and uniformity.

Definition of unit quantity and unit spectrum.

Assures accuracy for electrical contractor and installation bids.

Over 20 years of experience helping growers succeed.

Light Plans We’ve Designed

Here are some of the light plans we've designed.

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LED Grow Light Planning Services from LEDs for Plants

Happy Customers

"As a commercial grower, we use GE LEDs units in several sections of our greenhouse. For young plant production they have helped us produce high-quality liners with healthy roots. We also use them to advance finished crops and shorten production time. GE builds reliable LEDs we can use in rugged greenhouse environments."

Harry Vlottes, Head Grower at Brown’s Greenhouse in Arvada, CO

Get Started

Submit the Light Plan Design Intake Form along with your design documents (greenhouse or indoor) and allow 5-7 days for design completion.