Rebate Consulting

Commercial Facilities may be eligible for a substantial rebate from your electrical utility.

We have worked with over 100 growers and can help you navigate the rebate process. We help communicate with your electrical utility to determine your eligibility for a rebate. Once confirmed you are eligible, we will work with you to secure a rebate for using LED technology. We have designed LED lighting 100+ facilities.

Why Utilize This Service

Rebate process can be managed by our team.

Pending structure of the electrical utility program, rebates in-excess of 20% of system cost may be achieved.

We provide supporting documents and designs for the utility to use in rebate calculations.

Meeting with the utility company is sometimes possible, and we do this to help move the process along more quickly.

Units we provide are DLC-listed to comply with rebate requirements.

We have access to a vast database of national / regional utilities and their rebate guidelines.

Our Process

We will provide you a complete start-to-finish experience. This includes unit selection, installation guidance, and rebate consulting. Here’s what we need from you:

  • Complete a system design.
  • Provide to us the weblink for your utility rebate program.
  • We will research the program and help you engage them regarding the process.
  • Once the process has begun, we will then manage information and paperwork for a percentage-based fee. 

Happy Customers

"As a commercial grower, we use GE LEDs units in several sections of our greenhouse. For young plant production they have helped us produce high-quality liners with healthy roots. We also use them to advance finished crops and shorten production time. GE builds reliable LEDs we can use in rugged greenhouse environments."

Harry Vlottes, Head Grower at Brown’s Greenhouse in Arvada, CO

Get Started

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